Chelsea Does

DavidAdam and Samantha Cruse watch and discuss Chelsea Handler’s new docu-series from Netflix that asks the question:  what happens when Chelsea does Marriage, Chelsea does Silicon Valley, Chelsea does Racism and Chelsea does Drugs?


Chelsea Does

What do we think of Chelsea Handler’s previous work?

Who are some of our favorite stand-up comedians?

Marriage and Ms. Handler

Was she too hard on the BDSM trio?

Adam doesn’t want her as his child’s kindergarten teacher

Chelsea takes on Silicon Valley

Is there an excuse to be technologically illiterate in this day and age?

We all could have used that app

There has to be better A.I. than that

“The white girl wants to do a show on racism”

The Social Justice League of America

Walter Scott’s family gives a poignant interview

How racist was that plantation?

Getting high with Chelsea Handler

This dinner party looked way more fun than the others

Was addiction treated as gravely as it should have been?

Who the heck does Ayuahuasca?

Who came off the best out of all 4 episodes?


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