Club de Cuervos

DavidAdam and Vincent Minnucci head south of the border to join Adrienne Tyler as they cover Netflix’s first Spanish Language series which chronicles the heirs of a business tycoon and their struggle to control his beloved soccer team, the Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo.


Club de Cuervos

Adrienne talks about Nosotros los Nobles and the stars of this series

Our spoiler-free review and whether you should watch the show

How the presidency was awarded to Salvador Iglesias Jr.

Nuevo Toledo and it’s people

Goyo and Susanita

Moises and Ximena

Aitor Cardone and everything

Potro and Mayan penis gods

Eliseo and corruption in soccer

Chava, Isabel and Felix (and Mary Luz, too!)

The ending of Season One

Our predictions for Season Two

Who Dat and Series MVP Awards


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