An Interview with Narcos’ Zach Calig

We are thrilled to have a chance to talk to Zach Calig, part of the creative team that brought you the hit Netflix Original Series, Narcos.  Skype was a little choppy the day we recorded, but the insights Zach gave us more than made up for the audio challenges.

We talk about the process of writing a show based on real life characters and events, how binge watching Narcos is like doing lines of cocaine, and what prompts the decisions to streamline historical events for an hourly serialized drama.

Zach gives us a view on what it was like writing Episode 7 “You Will Cry Tears of Blood”, the true impact of Pablo Escobar’s Avianca bombing, the kidnapping of Diana Turbay and why we don’t meet the Cali Cartel at the beginning of the story.

In addition, Zach gives us a preview of an upcoming project he’s working on “Of Kings and Prophets” for ABC and his experience writing for Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales comic.

Zach can be reached on twitter @zachcalig

For more information on Of Kings and Prophets, visit the ABC website

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An Interview with Narcos’ Juan Riedinger

The Netfreaks gang is very excited to have a chance to talk with Juan Riedinger who portrays Carlos Lehder in the hit Netflix Original Series Narcos.

We talk about his journey from beautiful Banff, Alberta to Los Angeles and eventually on location in Colombia shooting the story of the Medillin Cartel.

Juan offers his thoughts on Magical Realism, working with the talented cast and crew of Narcos and what it’s like to play a man whose idols are Adolf Hitler and John Lennon.

We also find out about his new project, The Romeo Section, an espionage drama that is debuting this month on the CBC, and what real-life figure he would love to play in the future.

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For more information on The Romeo Section, visit the CBC website

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