Lady Dynamite

David and Adam are joined by Hazel to take a journey through the incredible world of Maria Bamford’s psyche reviewing the critically acclaimed Lady Dynamite!


Lady Dynamite


Our exposure to Maria Bamford

Great shows from stand up comedians

Our general impressions of the show and recommendations

Spoiler Time

  • Patton Oswalt
  • Switch Hitters
  • Bruce Ben-Bacharach
  • Karen Grisham Agent
  • White Trash
  • Diane Winterbottommonte
  • Larissa and Dagmar
  • Maria’s Parents
  • Karen Grisham Realtor
  • Action dating with Chad
  • Karl Grisham Loaf Coach
  • Trabajito (Checklist in Mexico)
  • Susan Carlisle Beeber
  • Vaginusmus
  • Graham and the Adrian Zmed Swim Gym
  • Jill Kwatney Adelman
  • Burt
  • Scott
  • The Bam Bam Child Warriors
  • The timelines converge
  • Maria Bamford

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