NetFreaks Podcast Episode 12: Master of None


This week, David, Heather and Adam welcome Vincent Minnucci from Lyrics Undercover, Geek or Die and HotsCast to discuss Aziz Ansari’s new critically acclaimed comedy series from Netflix, Master of None, giving our thoughts on each episode in the order they aired.


Master of None

What’s our Plan B?

Why David laughed when that chicken got served up for dinner

Has Heather ever stolen a jacket from a nightclub?

What Hollywood starlet dated the (Not) Indian guy from Short Circuit?

Why Vince is envious of Adam and David’s dating stories

Why David thought Nashville was the turning point for the series

Which host do we suspect does randy things on the subway to Boston?

Heather has a hormonal moment watching Old People

We talk about living with someone for the first time

Was the Finale a fulfilling end to the series?

…and as always we give away our Who Dat and Series MVP awards!


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A Conversation with Master of None’s Kelvin Yu


David, Heather and Adam sit down to talk about a number of topics with the very charming and funny Kelvin Yu, who plays Brian Cheng on Netflix’s critically acclaimed Original Series, Master of None.

Kelvin talks to us about his early experiences in the industry, working to evolve past the stereotypical roles that are often offered to Asian-American actors and how he came to be part of both the Bob’s Burgers creative team as well as appearing on a groundbreaking series with Aziz Ansari.

We also discuss how Netflix frees a show to take chances creatively, what it’s like to share scenes with Aziz, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe and Noel Wells, as well as the Omnivore’s Dilemma and it’s relation to the series.  We even find out which cast member was the first to inform him he was named the Guardian’s “Crush of the Week”.

We also talk a little bit about Kelvin’s plans for the future and the prospects of a Season 2 for this hit series.

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Intro Music: Extreme Parkour by Alex Grey