Fuller House Season Two

HeatherDavid and Adam are joined by Chris Case and find that everywhere they look, everywhere they go it’s nothing but Fullers, Tanners and Gibblers as they review the second season of Netflix’s revival from the 80’s.

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Fuller House Season Two picks up where we left off last year, with D.J. torn between her two suitors, Matt and Steve, Stephanie finding her place in the world and Kimmy getting into all kinds of trouble.  Cameos from the original show abound as we also follow the Gibbler and Fuller kids through their growing pains.

How does this season compare to the first?

Alan Thicke is missed already

Praise for Candace, Jodie and Andrea

Who’s more annoying, Fernando or Max?

Is Steve a psycho?

Chris and Adam are jealous of Jimmy Gibbler

Heather wants to climb Matt Mountain

And as always we hand out our Who Dat and Series MVP awards!

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