David gives everyone else the week off and is joined by the team that will be making up our new Organized Prime podcast, Lisa Leo and John Savage.  Together, we combine in a cluster to review the Wachowski produced sci-fi craziness that is Sense8!

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Sense8 was a 12 part series that premiered all the way back in June, 2015.  It was the brainchild of the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski of Matrix and Babylon 5 fame, respectively.  Starring an international cast as eight strangers from different regions of the world who unexpectedly become mentally and emotionally linked to each other. They learn that they are “sensates,” a particular type of human that has the ability to psychically share their knowledge and skills with one another.  The Sense8 Christmas Special premiered as a 2 hour intro to Season Two just this past weekend on December 23rd, with the majority of the cast returning to reprise their roles.

The Wachowski Oeuvre

Do we recommend the show?

What we learned from Sense8 Season One

Why have a Christmas Special?

Recasting Capheus

Thoughts about Season Two

And as always we hand out our Who Dat and Series MVP awards!

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